PREMIERE | Mozarteum Orchestra

March 17, 19

Announced the Cuban Premiere of "The clouds receiding into the mountains" by Cuban composer Orlando Jacinto written for solo viola and orchestra. Concert will take place October 31, 19  in La Habana during the Mozart Festival.



PREMIERE | New Work 

April 24, 19

Premiere of To Giasemí by Catalan composer Feliú Gasull written for solo viola and choir. Concert June 29, 19 at the MMB in Barcelona.



CONTEMPORARY QUARTET | Mondriaan Jazz Festival

January 29, 19

For this concert the Mara Tieles StringLAB will join in as Strings in Residence. The string quartet led by alt violin player Mara Tieles (Cuba) works majorly with classical and contemporary classical musicians but loves to collaborate with groups such as Snarky Puppy and The Cinematic Orchestra. For Mondriaan Jazz, Tieles curated a string quartet that will collaborate with Camila Meza & The Nectar Orchestra as well as with Fabian Almazan & Alcanza.


OPERA |  New Work at the Grachtenfestival

June 2, 19

VROUWENSTEMMEN is a new opera on account of the 100 year anniversary of  women's right to vote. Composed by Meriç and directed by Artaç Lisenka Heijboer .

In this opera produced by OPERAFRONT the audience is confronted with the history and the present of women's voices.

The premiere will take place this summer during the Grachtenfestival.